Recent news

Thanks to your support we successfully raised $350. Aisha and Mabinty now have reading glasses. 
Thanks in part to your help, the hens at the poultry are doing very well.  
We greatly appreciate your ongoing support of the Ebola orphans living in the Dream Home. 
Since we launched this project a year ago, we have had lengthy discussions with regard to moving to a new home. We worked with a local realtor and visited at least 3 properties.
Most of us think about what we need from the grocery store and what we are making for dinner at night, but we do not have to worry about being able to eat today. 
Thank you for your support that is helping us meet the ongoing medical needs of 22 growing children. 
We send warm greetings to you from the Dream Home children - who are doing well.
Freetown, where the Dream Home is located, receives a lot of rainfall - with high humidity. The discolored and faded outside walls of the Dream Home were in need of a fresh coat of paint.
Through your support, we have moved one step closer to purchasing a bus for the Dream Home.
Your generous support helped provided the Dream Home with a new fuel-efficient, Wonder stove.  
At the end of July, Sylvester made a 2 week project visit to Sierra Leone.  The Dream Home was one of the top reasons for his trip.  He reports on his trip as follows:
September marked the start of a new school year for the Dream Home children and thanks to your ongoing support, the children had new uniforms and school supplies.   
Great News: Through your support we have purchased new clothes for the Dream Home children.  
Develop Africa is in the process over the next couple of months to set up a poultry farm to benefit the Dream Home. The facilities had been previously used as a small poultry farm.
Uncle Mike came to visit the Dream Home in June. While he was visiting the Dream Home, Uncle Mike and Aunt Cecilia (who was also visiting) celebrated June birthdays.